Each proposal will be carefully considered through a double-blind peer review process, which will determine whether the paper will be included in the collection.

Please note that we only accept previously unpublished work and that the author(s) are responsible for the quality of language (inadequate English may lead to rejection).


Full name, institutional affiliation, email
Abstract – maximum of 800 characters with spaces (around 130 words)
Keywords – 5 to 7
Main text: maximum of 28 800 characters with spaces (around 4500 words)
No references – all referred sources should be cited in full in footnotes

Citation guidelines: Chicago Manual of Style – footnotes with no bibliography

PHOTOGRAPHS (optional)
Number –  up to 7
Format  – .tif
Resolution – 300 dpi
Captions –guidelines: Chicago Manual of Style; sent in a separate Word document

NOTE 1: The author(s) need to seek copyright and/or use permissions to reproduce illustrations: copyright permission – from the copyright owner and use permission one from the provider of the actual photograph / transparency / negative / digital file that will be used to make the reproduction in the proceedings.

NOTE 2: If the author(s) of the paper is(are) at the same time the author of the photographs or in any other way authored the provided illustrations, the captions in the manuscript should not contain the name of the author for the sake of anonymity in the peer-review process.

Manuscripts, photographs and captions should be sent as separate files to

If the email containing the manuscript and photos is larger than 10 MB, please sent all by WeTransfer (or similar services).